Getting acquainted with Ghazi Osman Pasha District

Ghazi Osman Pasha District

It is one of the most popular districts among Istanbul immigrants. The district is always one of the first choices among immigrants for buying property in Turkey. That is why in the article, we decided to discuss about the neighborhood in details.

As you know, the best city to buy a property in Turkey is Istanbul and its unique neighborhoods. But it is obvious that not every neighborhood will be suitable for immigrants. They tend to live in places in the city that, in addition to well-being, are a good investment for their future.
According to the “Istanbul Hamrah” team, the beautiful area of Ghazi Osman Pasha district is one of the best choices to meet the mentioned goals. Join us to learn more about the district.

Geographical location of Ghazi Osman Pasha District

It is located in the western and European part of this big city. It is close to the center of Istanbul and has some of the hustle and bustle. The area of ​​the district is about 217 square kilometers, and according to the latest statistics, its population is close to 500 thousand people.

Geographical location of Ghazi Osman Pasha District

The district is adjacent to Sultan Ghazi neighborhood in the north. It is adjacent to Bayram Pasha neighborhood in the south and Ayub Sultan neighborhood in the east. It also has a very small border with Istanbul’s Esenler district. It is not bad to know that Fatih neighborhood of Istanbul, as the most central neighborhood of this city, is about 11 km (20 minutes) away from Ghazi Osman Pasha district.

The district itself consists of several neighborhoods, which are as follows:


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History of Ghazi Osman Pasha District

Unlike most districts in Istanbul, the neighborhood is not very old and is considered new. Much attention has been paid to the area since the 1950s, and before that, the Ghazi Osman Pasha district was deserted. The peak period of the district was from the 70s and 80s onwards.

The name of the district is taken from a person named Ghazi (warrior) Osman Pasha. This pasha was a great general who had brought great victories during the Ottoman rule. This high-ranking general was active during the Balkan Wars, and as a result, many Balkan prisoners of war and immigrants (especially from Bulgaria and Yugoslavia) came to the region.

The population of the area gradually increased and it became a neighborhood where most of the people were working class. The population of the region has grown rapidly since the 1970s and continues to this day. According to statistics provided by the Istanbul Municipality, more than half of the region’s population is under the age of 20.

The Ghazi Osman Pasha district of Istanbul is generally considered a migrant area. Not only foreign immigrants, but also Turkish immigrants from remote cities migrate to the district. With the exception of a few special neighborhoods in the area, the rest of the neighborhoods have mostly urban and rural residents. The racial diversity in the area has made the district famous for its high rates of theft and crime.

The Turkish government has taken many efforts to reduce crime, and to improve the living standards and culture of the people in general in the region. Including the establishment of stadiums, cinemas and theaters, the construction of numerous shopping centers, increasing the number of schools, increasing industries and etc. In spite of all this, not only is the crime rate and conflict high in this region, but also in terms of employment, the district is not suitable.

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Amenities of Ghazi Osman Pasha district

If you are planning to settle in Turkey and you are considering the city of Istanbul, you should first of all know the amenities of your desired neighborhood. The amenities of each neighborhood have a direct impact on the value of your property, and if you are looking to invest by buying a property, you should pay close attention to this issue.

In terms of amenities, the district is considered at the middle level. Although it has an appropriate public transportation system, the traffic is high. We will explain the welfare facilities of Ghazi Osman Pasha region in the following.

Access to Ghazi Osman Pasha District

To reach the neighborhood, you can take the E80 motorway. In addition, the new Istanbul airport is about 37 km away from the area. Public transportation in the area is done by T4 line tram, bus, taxi and Dolmus. According to the promises of the Istanbul Municipality, the metro will reach the district in the near future.

Medical centers of Ghazi Osman Pasha District

The region is greatly rich in terms of health centers. There are more than 9 private and public medical centers in the area that will meet your needs in every way. Among the leading medical centers in the area, the following can be mentioned:

Gaziosmanpasa Education and Research Hospital

New Century University Hospital

Private Avrupa Şafak Hospital

YILDIZ ACADEMİA Hospital (Private)


EKOTOM TIP private clinic

SİMGE TIP private clinic

Women’s Health Clinics

Educational centers of Ghazi Osman Pasha district

As we mentioned earlier, the municipality of the region has built many schools and cultural centers in the district. Among the best schools and universities in the area, we can mention the following:

  • GAZIOSMANPAŞA University
  • Ay Private school
  • ERA Gaziosmanpaşa School
  • Atabek College (private)

Shopping centers in Ghazi Osman Pasha district

Shopping in Turkish shopping malls is always one of the most popular pastimes of Turks and of course tourists. One of the largest shopping malls in Istanbul, the “Mega Outlet” or “Venezia” shopping center is located in the neighborhood. In addition, the district has many passages and markets.

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Buying and renting a property in Ghazi Osman Pasha district

Undoubtedly, anyone who buys property in Istanbul is doing so with the aim of getting a Turkish passport. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the cost of getting a residence permit in the country has increased to $ 400,000 by purchasing a property. So you need to set aside a budget for this reason. In this section, we will provide you with the average property price in Gazi Osman Pasha area in each neighborhood.

The average purchase price of a property in Ghazi Osman Pasha district in 2024 is as follows:

The name of the neighborhoodPrice per square meterThe price of a 100-meters apartment
MEVLANA13,850 lira1,700,000 lira
KARAYOLLARI15,600 lira1,770,000 lira
KARADENİZ8500 lira890,000 lira
FEVZİ ÇAKMAK7500 lira810,000 lira
SARIGÖL8600 lira890,000 lira
PAZARİÇİ6600 lira730,000 lira
YILDIZTABYA6000 lira600,000 lira
Average property price in the area9200 lira1,100,000 lira

The average rental price in Ghazi Osman Pasha district in 2024 is as follows:

The name of the neighborhoodRenting price of a 100-meter apartment
MEVLANA6650 lira per month
KARADENİZ6700 lira
SARIGÖL3000 lira
PAZARİÇİ2500 lira
Average rental price in the area7000 lira

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ghazi Osman Pasha district?

It is located in the European part of Istanbul and is adjacent to Esenler neighborhood.

What is the average purchase price of a property in Ghazi Osman Pasha district?

The average purchase price of a property in the area is about 9000 lira per square meter.

What are the welfare facilities of Ghazi Osman Pasha region?

The area is acceptable in terms of amenities, access, medical centers, education and shopping centers.

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