Getting acquainted with Bakirkoy district of Istanbul

Bakirkoy district of Istanbul

It is one of the most popular districts in Istanbul, located in the European part of this dream city. It is one of those districts that is ideal for the middle class people. It is not so expensive as to be considered a luxury, nor is it so low standard that it is not suitable for living. In short, this neighborhood is ideal, and that is what makes it popular and attracts immigrants!

As “Istanbul Hamrah” experts, we have always said that to buy a house in Turkey, you must first know all over the country, especially the city of Istanbul. The reason is that you find the best opportunity to start a new life and make the most of your capital. For this purpose, this time we will discuss about the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul in details.

Geographical location of Bakirkoy district

As mentioned in the introduction, the district is located in the western and European part of the city. To the south, it has one of the longest coastlines in Istanbul and is adjacent to the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is bordered on the east by the zeytinburnu, and on the north by the Bahçelievler and Güngören neighborhood. From the west, it is adjacent to neighborhoods such as Avcilar and Beylikdüzü.

Geographical location of Bakirkoy district

The district has an area of ​​about 32.5 square kilometers and a population of about 230,000 people. According to these statistics, it can be well understood that the population density in the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul is relatively high. The distance from the area to the center of Istanbul (Fatih neighborhood) is about 12 km, or in other words, about 20 minutes.

The district is one of the ilches of Istanbul. Ilce can be translated as municipality or city area. It has several neighborhoods which are as follows:

Atakoy neighborhood (including four blocks: 1 – 2, 5, 6 – 3, 4, 11 – 7, 8, 9 and 10)


History of Bakirkoy district

Istanbul is known as the best city to buy property in Turkey and has a really exciting history and background. The Bakirkoy district, which is one of the central areas of the city, dates back to thousands of years ago and the Byzantine Empire. At that time, the name of the region was “Hebdomon”, which can mean “seventh”. The reason for this naming was its seven miles from the center of Istanbul. During the Byzantine Empire, the Bakirkoy district was considered a military district and had many barracks. In addition, many parades were held there. Since the arrival of the Ottomans in this area, its name has been changed to “Makri Koy” and in 1925, it was finally changed to its current name, Bakirkoy (copper village).

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Between 1923 and 1926, the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul was part of the Beyoğlu district. In the 1970s, the Bakirkoy area became a popular neighborhood for upper-middle-class people, and it remains so today. Most of the residents in the area are businessmen, administrative staff and retirees.

The Bakirkoy district in the present era

The district, especially its central areas, is today one of the most important economic and commercial areas of the city. Some of Istanbul’s largest shopping malls are located in the area. In addition, Istanbul’s famous cafes, restaurants and bars are located in the same area.

The Bakirkoy district, due to its popularity and antiquity, is one of the richest areas of Istanbul today, and this has made more people eager to live in the area. In 1913, the Veliefendi Race Course, the largest and oldest equestrian track in Turkey, was established in the district which was making the area even more prosperous.

In addition to the old equestrian track, the largest psychiatric hospital in all of Istanbul is located right in the Bakirkoy district. It is surrounded by a garden, which is known as the largest green space in the district. All this together has caused not only Turks, but also immigrants to come to the region when buying a house to settle in Turkey.

Features and amenities of Bakirkoy district

To live in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, it is important to know the amenities of your intended area first. You should know that the more amenities a region has, the greater the value of the property in that region. Fortunately, the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul is highly rich in this regard and attracts many people.

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Access and commuting

First of all, you need to know the accesses in that area and check the neighborhood for public transportation. Regarding the accesses of Bakirkoy district, the following can be mentioned:

The major E5 highway is located just on the north of the Bakirkoy area.

The BN1 city bus line also connects the Fatih area to the Bakirkoy district.

You can also get to the neighborhood from Sultan Ahmad area by T1 line tram.

Besides, you can use the M1 metro line to access the area.

And you can use taxis, dolmus and boats to reach the neighborhood.

Health centers

The next step in investigating the features of an area, especially in Istanbul, is to check its medical centers. In this regard, the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul receives a high score. There are dozens of medical centers, hospitals, clinics and health centers in the area. In addition, as we have said, the largest psychiatric hospital in Istanbul is located in the Bakirkoy district.

Educational and training centers

The third section is related to the cultural and educational centers of each region. As the Bakirkoy area is one of the upper-middle-class areas, its schools are of really good quality. Thus, it is greatly suitable for families who have children and intend to immigrate to the area. Two of the largest and most important universities in Turkey, the Istanbul KÜLTÜR University and the Turkish Air Force Academy, are located in the area.

Shopping and entertainment centers

One of the most popular pastimes in Istanbul is its shopping malls. As we have said, some of the most famous shopping malls in Istanbul are located in the Bakirkoy area. These include Marmara Forum Shopping Center, Capacity Shopping Center, Istanbul Galleria Shopping Center and Saturday Market.

Sightseeing and tourist areas of Bakirkoy district include Özgürlük Meydanı) Square(, Istanbul Grand Aquarium, Charshi Mosque, Lunapark, Ataturk Mansion and Armenian Cemetery.

Buying and renting a property in Bakirkoy district

As a property buying site in Turkey, “Istanbul Hamrah” always tries to introduce the neighborhoods of Istanbul to its readers in the most complete and possible way. Therefore, we required to inform you about the purchase price of the property in different cities of Turkey. Undoubtedly, in order to buy a property in Turkey, you must also know the price of the property in different cities.

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You should know that the price of an apartment in Istanbul is more expensive than other cities in Turkey. Moreover, property prices in the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul are slightly higher than the average price in this city. As we have said, the Bakirkoy region is a middle-upper class region. For this reason, to buy or rent a house in the area, you need to consider a larger budget.

The purchase price of a property in Bakirkoy district in 2024 is as follows:The average rental price in the Bakirkoy district in 2024 is as follows:

The name of the neighborhoodAverage price per square meterThe average price for a 100-meters house
Atakoy (the four neighborhoods)Average price per square meterThe average price for a 100-meters house
Atakoy (the four neighborhoods)From 19,000 to 35,000 liraFrom 1,200,000 to 6.5 million
BASINKÖY21,400 lira5,130,000 lira
CEVİZLİK9750 lira1,021,000 lira
KARTALTEPE13,200 lira1,500,000 lira
OSMANİYE9000 lira984,000 lira
SAKIZAĞACI17,200 lira2,400,000 lira
ŞENLİKKÖY21,500 lira5,000,000 lira
YENİMAHALLE7400 lira700,200 lira
YEŞİLKÖY28,000 lira4,500,000 lira
YEŞİLYURT29,100 lira5,240,000 lira
ZEYTİNLİK9900 lira1,100,000 lira
ZUHURATBABA14,800 lira1,778,000 lira
Average price in the whole area30,400 lira4,550,000 lira

The average rental price in the Bakirkoy district in 2024 is as follows:

The name of the neighborhoodThe average rental price for a house of 100 meters
Atakoy (the four neighborhoods)From 5000 to 12.000 lira
BASINKÖY12,250 lira
CEVİZLİK3500 lira
OSMANİYE3700 lira
ŞENLİKKÖY10.900 lira
YEŞİLKÖY9000 lira
YEŞİLYURT13,150 lira
ZEYTİNLİK4300 lira
Average price in the whole area9200 lira

requently Asked Questions

In which part of Istanbul is Bakirkoy district located?

The district is located in the west of Istanbul and in the European part. It is adjacent to neighborhoods such as Avcilar and Beylikdüzü.

What are the facilities of Bakirkoy district?

 It is highly rich in terms of amenities and that is why it is so valuable.

What is the average property price in the Bakirkoy district?

The average purchase price is about 4 million 500 thousand liras and the average rental price is about 9000 liras.

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