buying a house in the Bahchehshehir district of Istanbul

خرید ملک در باغچه شهیر

Comprehensive guidance for buying a house in the Bahchehshehir (Başakşehir) district of Istanbul

The best city to buy a house in Turkey is absolutely Istanbul. The multiplicity of neighborhoods has made it a bit difficult for those who want to buy a house in Turkey. In the article, we aim to introduce one of the growing and popular districts of Istanbul called Başakşehir.

Geographical location of Bahchehshir district

The first point to mention about Bahchehshir district is its geographical location. It is located in the European part of Istanbul and is about 30 km away from the center of Istanbul. The district is one of the eight neighborhoods of “Başakşehir” city that is close to the Istanbul Canal project. It is about 12 km north of the ​​Marmara Sea and about 30 km south of the Black Sea.

There are many neighborhoods with a lot of variety in Istanbul. In the following, we will discuss more about the features of Istanbul’s Bahchehshir district.

Unique features of Bahchehshir district

The Bahchehshir district and the city of Başakşehir cannot be considered as one of the first-class and luxurious areas of Istanbul. According to the Istanbul Municipality, Bahchehshir district is one of the second-class districts of Istanbul; this means that it provides quality of life in luxury areas at a much more economical and appropriate price to applicants. In other words, when you hear the name of a second-class neighborhood, you should not be disappointed!

One of the most important features of Bahchehshir district is its extremely beautiful greenery and tranquility; therefore, it attracts not only people with medium budgets, but also the rich to the district. It is worth mentioning that it is full of all kinds of luxury residential complexes and first-class residences. This issue has made buying a property in the district as a profitable type of Turkish investment.

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Other features of Bahchehshir district should also be mentioned:

  • Relatively short distance to Istanbul’s new airport
  • Extremely lush and calm, there is a lake with an area of ​​30,000 square meters,
  • Existence of tourist attractions around the lake, such as sports fields, restaurants and luxury cafes,
  • Really clean climate away from city center pollution that is suitable for the elderly
  • No traffic and no fuss like the bustle of the city center,
  • A highly safe neighborhood, with 24-hour security in 7 days a week.
  • Rapid growth and development that multiplies its economic value,
  • A short distance from one of the best hospitals in Istanbul,
  • The existence of one of the best universities in Turkey in the district and etc.

The purchase price of the property in the Bahchehshir district

You probably know that Istanbul is an expensive city. Not only the price of buying a property, but also the price of renting a house in Istanbul is greatly high. But the multiplicity of neighborhoods has caused the price diversity. In the previous sections, we mentioned that the Bahchehshir district of Istanbul is a second-class neighborhood which provides more appropriate property price.

“The purchase price of a house in the Bahchehshir district starts from 3,000 lira per square meter and continues up to 10,000 lira per square meter.”

Property prices in the district depend on the following:

  • Type of property, whether villa or residence; usually a villa is much more expensive.
  • The age of the property and its amenities and access to the property
  • Geographical location of the property and its neighborhood
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Sights and recreation places in the Bahchehshir district

And finally, it is not a bad idea to introduce the sight areas of the Bahchehshir region. As we said, the district is really green and it is an ideal area for living those who love nature and walking.

Among the sight areas of Bahchehshir district, the following can be mentioned:

  • Artificial lake

One of the most spectacular areas of Bahchehshir district is its 30,000 square meter artificial lake. The lake, especially in summer, is a recreation destination for many locals.

  • Samlar Nature Park

If you are planning a day out for a picnic or a hike, the park is suitable for you. The park is attractive not only for the residents of the Bahchehshir district, but also for all the people of the European part of Istanbul.

  • Yarimburgaz Caves

If you interested in ancient history, these caves can appeal to you. These caves are one of the oldest areas in Turkey. Early humans were inhabited there thousands of years ago.

  • Akbatı & Prestige shopping center

These two shopping malls are a lovely place to have fun in Bahchehshir district. Prestige Shopping Mall, though small, is really luxurious and everything can be found in it. Akbati Shopping Center is another famous mall which is also really popular.

The final word

We, in “Istanbul Hamrah” website, consider ourselves on par with the best real estate sites in Turkey, and our services and support are a seal of approval for this claim. If you intend to buy a property in Turkey, you should know that now is the best time to do so. Due to the fall in the price of the lira, the best opportunity is to buy your dream home in Turkey and start a new life in a free European country.

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  1. Where is the geographical location of Istanbul’s Bahchehshir district?

It is located in the European part, about 30 km from the center of Istanbul.

  1. What are the most obvious features of Bahchehshir district?

The area is quiet and green. Besides, the region is growing rapidly and its price will rise greatly in the next few years. Therefore, the district is really appropriate for investment.

  1. How much the property price in Bahchehshir district?

The minimum purchase price of a property in the district starts from 3000 lira per meter and increases up to 10 thousand lira. Villa properties are usually much more expensive.

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