Complete and comprehensive introduction of Goztepe neighborhood of Istanbul

محله گوزتپه استانبول

If you are familiar with Istanbul, you have undoubtedly heard the name of Goztepe neighborhood. This beautiful and scenic area is one of the neighborhoods of Kadikoy district and is the main choice of many people for living and migrating. Familiarity with the neighborhoods of Istanbul is a prerequisite for living in this great city, and we have always mentioned the issue in all articles. In line with this slogan, we consider it our duty to introduce the neighborhoods of the city completely.

In the article in “Istanbul Hamrah”, we, as a home buying site in Turkey, intend to introduce the Goztepe neighborhood of Istanbul and review its features in detail.  Goztepe is one of the above-average neighborhoods of the city and with its many facilities and access, it is really popular not only for immigrants, but also among the Turks themselves. Stay with us…

Geographical location of Goztepe district of Istanbul

As we mentioned in the introduction, Goztepe is one of the neighborhoods that is a subset of Kadikoy district of Istanbul. The area is located right in the center of Kadikoy in Asian part of Istanbul. And it is adjacent to Fenerbahce neighborhood and Bostan driving direction from the south, and Merdivenköy neighborhood from the north. It is bordered on the east by the Erenköy neighborhood and on the west by the Fenriolo neighborhood. The population of the area in the last census was about 40 thousand people.

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موقعیت جغرافیایی محله گوزتپه استانبول

History of Goztepe district of Istanbul

Istanbul is the best city to buy property in Turkey and knowing the history of each neighborhood can be greatly interesting. In this regard, we must say that the Goztepe district of Istanbul also has a readable history. Since Goztepe district is located in the Kadikoy district, it must be revealed a long history. Istanbul historians believe that the region’s history dates back to around 3500 BC, and the Goztepe district is undoubtedly one of the most important neighborhoods in the region, more or less as old.

The name of Goztepe district of Istanbul is taken from a hill of the same name. At the top of the hill, there is a tomb attributed to “Gozcu Baba”. He was actually a dervish who had a hut on top of this hill and he had always been a watchman from there. Hence, in his honor, the neighborhood is called Goztepe.

Features of Goztepe neighborhood

Definitely, to buy a house in Istanbul, knowing the features of each neighborhood is really vital and plays a key role in choosing the neighborhood to live. We are pleased to announce that the Goztepe district of Istanbul is a greatly ideal neighborhood for living, and due to its features, as mentioned, it is interesting not only for immigrants, but also for Turks living in Istanbul.

Located right in the center of Kadikoy and close to the coastline, Goztepe district is one of the lively areas in Istanbul and one of the city’s commercial hubs. The nightlife and bars of the area attract young people, and its traditional and scenic neighborhoods, and of course the beautiful beach, attract adults.

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Facilities of Goztepe district

Another condition and principle of life in Turkey is to pay attention to the facilities of the property where it is purchased, and in fact, the value of a property is determined by the amenities of its geographical area. Fortunately, the Goztepe neighborhood in the Kadikoy district has nothing short of this, and the facilities can be considered the strong point of the district.

Most importantly, we must first consider the routes and the public transport system of Goztepe. The location of the Goztepe-Haydar Pasa railway station, the GZ1 and GZ2 bus lines, as well as the M4 metro line, has given a special advantage to the Goztepe district of Istanbul.

Other welfare facilities in the area, which are considered by immigrant families, are schools and scientific and educational centers in the neighborhood. Some of Turkey’s top high schools and colleges, including Avni Akyol High School of Fine Arts and İhsan Kurşunoğlu High School, are located in the area. A number of top Turkish universities, including Istanbul University of Medeniyet, Doguş University and Yeditepe University, are also near the Istanbul’s Goztepe district.

Buying and renting a property in the Goztepe neighborhood

One of the best and easiest ways to get a residency in Turkey is to buy a property in the country. And the city of Istanbul is the priority of all those who want to buy a property in Turkey.
Undoubtedly, everyone in Istanbul is looking for the best neighborhood, and with the descriptions and interpretations that we present about the Goztepe neighborhood of Istanbul, which place is better than this neighborhood?

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Goztepe neighborhood, due to its features and facilities, is among the above-average areas of Istanbul, and therefore, the price of renting or buying a house in it, can be slightly higher than some neighborhoods. But in general, it should be considered a subset of economic zones.

The purchase or rent price of a house in the Goztepe district of Istanbul in 2024 is as follows:

Buying a property in Goztepe, Istanbul

The price for buying a property in the area is estimated at 21,300 lira per square meter. In other words, the average purchase of a 100-meter house in the area will be about 3 million liras.

Renting a property in Goztepe, Istanbul

The monthly rent price of a house in the Goztepe neighborhood of Istanbul, according to the latest statistics obtained by the Istanbul Hamrah team, was about 7,800 lira for two-bedroom, 100-meter house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Goztepe neighborhood of Istanbul?

It is one of the subdivisions of the Kadikoy district of Istanbul and is located exactly in the center of Kadikoy ilce in the Asian part of Istanbul.

What is the average price of a property in Goztepe neighborhood?

The area is one of the above-average areas, and the average purchase price of the property in it is about 21,300 lira per square meter.

Is Goztepe neighborhood of Istanbul suitable for living?

Yes, it has a lot of amenities and is one of the neighborhoods that is always chosen as a destination for life.

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