Cost of living in Turkey in 2024

Cost of living in Turkey in 2022

If you intend to live in Turkey, it is really important to know the cost of living in 2024. Turkey is a destination for many immigrants these days. Some people emigrate for education, some live in the country by buying a house and the other travel to the country to rent property.

You may even immigrate to this tourist-friendly country by registering a company. It does not matter how you opened your way to the country, you should know the cost of living in Turkey. Especially if you are a student, knowing the monthly cost of living will be highly important to you.

Do you know that drinking water in Turkey is not distributed through pipelines? You have to buy drinking water in Turkey!

In the article in “Istanbul Hamrah”, in addition to the price of water, we will investigate such issues and the cost of living in Turkey. The information in the article will provide not only the monthly cost of living in Turkey, but also make it easy for you to calculate these cost.

It will be difficult to live in Turkey without knowing Turkish. For this reason, we suggest that you refer to the “Istanbul Turkish Language Teaching” section on the “Istanbul Hamrah” website.

Review of living costs in Turkey

Before migrating, you should definitely consider the cost of living in Turkey. Since, as an immigrant, this is the first issue that matters. There is a lot to learn about the average cost of living in Turkey.

In general, the belief of many people who have experienced life in Turkey is that:

“The cost of living in Turkey is lower than in other countries.”

Or if we want to look at this issue more closely, we can say that the price of goods, current costs, such as food and clothing and even renting and buying a house are inexpensive in Turkey. However, other costs such as fuel, water, electricity, etc. maybe more. Although, in general, the average cost of living in Turkey is low; these indicators show that living conditions in the country are appropriate.

Many factors are influential in determining prices in Turkey. These are the factors of your choice of city, inflation rate, exchange rate, your salary and of course the lifestyle you lead.

In any case, the purpose of migrating to Turkey is to improve living conditions. Whether you stay in Turkey to study or in other ways, it is not wise to take the path without enough information.

Watching the video below on the cost of living in Turkey can be greatly useful.


Cost of getting Turkish residency and citizenship

If you want to know how much money is needed to immigrate to Turkey, in addition to the minimum cost of living, you should also consider the cost of getting residency or Turkish citizenship. The following should be added to the list of living expenses in Turkey:

  • Buying plane tickets
  • Embassy appointment
  • The cost of getting a visa
  • Translation of documents
  • Consular services
  • Administrative and government expenses
  • Even opening an account in Turkey and, …

All these cases have a cost to consider. There are many ways to stay in Turkey, the most convenient of which may be the following.

If you want to know how much it costs to stay in Turkey, we must say that:

  • To obtain Turkish citizenship and a passport, you need to buy a property worth US $ 400,000. (Turkish residency prices in this way have increased in 2024.)
  • It is also possible to get a residency permit by buying a property in Turkey. Any house of any value you buy will bring you residency in Turkey (not permanently).

It is suggested to have a look at the table of Turkish consular expenses:

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مشخصات دانشکده فنی استانبول
🔠نام دانشگاه به انگلیسیIstanbul Technical University
🆎نام دانشگاه به ترکیİTÜ,Istanbul
📅تاریخ تاسیس1773 میلادی
🟢نوع دانشگاهدولتی
😊تعداد دانشجو21000 تن
🆗زبان تحصیلترکی / انگلیسی
✔شعار دانشگاهپیشرو در اعصار
🌐آدرس وبسایت دانشگاه

The cost of housing and rent

Regarding the cost of living in Turkey, perhaps the most important issue is the cost of housing and rent. If you aim to ask how much it costs to live in Turkey, you should know that housing is the most expensive cases. The average cost of living in Turkey is directly related to housing prices. Therefore, you have to be careful in choosing it.

“Istanbul Hamrah” is considered as a home shopping site in Turkey which provides complete information in this regard. The most expensive cities in terms of price and rent are Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya, respectively.

But for example, the price of a house in Bursa, Turkey, is cheaper than in Istanbul. The cost of living in Istanbul in 2024 or even the cost of a month of living in Istanbul is higher than other cities. Even the price of home appliances in Turkey is higher in Istanbul. But on the other hand, the chances of finding a job in these cities and the wages are higher.

Even in which city you buy or rent a property is important and has a direct impact on the cost of living in Turkey.

Buying an apartment in Istanbul, for example, requires more budget.

Beşiktaş is one of the most expensive neighborhoods which costs a lot. Sisli neighborhood also has an old structure, but it is close to the city center and attracts many tourists. Thus, it increases the chances of finding a good and lucrative job. In relation to renting a house in Istanbul, the following table can be really effective for each neighborhood:

The neighborhoodAverage monthly rental price
Beşiktaş9300 lira
Sariyer10500 lira
Sisli5000 lira
Faith3000 lira
Beyoğlu5200 lira
Bakırköy6500 lira
Beylikdüzü4600 lira
Arnavutköy2000 lira
Büyükçekmece4100 lira
Başakşehir4700 lira
Uskudar3800 lira
Beykoz5000 lira
Ataşehir4000 lira
Umraniye3300 lira
Maltepe3750 lira
Pendik2700 lira
Kartal3400 lira
Sile4000 lira
Tuzla3000 lira
Çekmeköy2650 lira

For more information on renting a property, we suggest you read the article “Renting a House in Turkey”.

The cost of food in Turkey

This kind of expenses in Turkey is more related to your lifestyle. If you are into restaurant and nightlife, we have to say that most of your money is going to be spent on food. The price of food in restaurants especially in Istanbul in 2024 is expensive. Undoubtedly, in any country of the world, eating out will be more expensive.

Food prices in restaurants in Turkey in 2024, are as follows:

Description of the mealAverage price in Turkey
The meal in an expensive restaurant50 lira
Double meal in a medium restaurant250 lira
Meal at McDonald55 lira
Alcoholic beverages made in Turkey (beer, etc.)30 lira (half a liter)
Imported alcoholic beverages40 lira (half a liter)
Cappuccino in a typical cafe23.5 lira
Coca-Cola or Pepsi10 lira
A half-liter bottle of mineral water4 lira

But instead for food prices in Turkey 2024, the cost is slightly different. In terms of income, it is very cheap to buy these foods items. Usually, everyone goes to the shops and supermarkets to buy groceries and food, which can be a little more expensive. However, if you go to the day markets, you can undoubtedly get your food at a lower price. To all this, you have to add the price of drinking water.

It should be noted that the cost of food in Istanbul or Ankara, and in general in big cities, is usually higher. But in more distant cities, such as Bursa or Izmir, they will cost less.

To know the cost of food in Turkey, the following table will provide you with good information:

Food itemsAverage price in Turkey
(Milk (1 liter11.6 lira
Bread (a loaf, half a kilo)7.7 lira
(Rice ( 1 kg19 lira
12 eggs22.5 lira
Local cheese (1 kg)85 lira
Chicken breast (1 kg)55.5 lira
Price of meat in Turkey137 lira
Apple (1 kg)18 lira
Orange (1 kg)10 lira
Tomato (1 kg)17 lira
Potato (1 kg)7 lira
Onion (1 kg)5 lira
A bunch of lettuce13 lira
Mineral water (1.5 liters)4 lira
Cigarette prices in Turkey in 202426 lira

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Treatment costs in Turkey in 2024

Living conditions in Turkey are also related to the cost of insurance and treatment. According to Turkish immigration laws:

  • If you intend to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days, you must get a Turkish residency visa.
  • If you plan to stay in Turkey for less than 65 days, you will need to receive compulsory medical care.
    • The cost of getting a Turkish residency visa for a couple is about TRY7000 (lira).

In the country, health care is part of social security. Social security coverage in Turkey is for regular monthly payments. The SGK (Social Security Institution) and the Turkish Ministry of Health are in charge of health care in Turkey. Under current Turkish Social Security regulations, individuals must pay about 20% of their medical expenses to be covered by social security insurance.

The following table can be useful for the cost of treatment in Turkey:

DescriptionAverage cost in Turkey
Insurance costs for individuals under 17 and over 65 yearsFree
Insurance costs for individuals of 18 to 23 yearsAnnually 400 to 500 lira
Insurance costs for individuals of 23 to 65 yearsAnnually about 3000 lira
The cost of a specialist doctor's visitAbout 70 to 200 lira

Public transportion costs in Turkey

The cost of a taxi can be staggering In Turkey, because the price of gasoline is high. Even the

price of diesel in Turkey has increased in 2024. Instead, the city’s public transportation system, such as bus or subway, is much more economical. If you want to know the cost of living in Turkey for a month, you should also pay attention to this section.

The following table regarding the cost of transportation in Turkey may be useful to you:

DescriptionAverage cost in Turkey
One-way ticket for the bus6.5 lira
Monthly cost of public transportAbout 430 lira
Taxi (start cost, even for one hundred meters)10 lira
Taxi fare per kilometer5 lira
Taxi fare per hour of waiting50 lira
Gasoline prices in Turkey in 202421 lira (1 Liter)

In addition to the metro, bus or tram, you can also use the sea taxi ferry to get around Istanbul. Payment in these cases is made either electronically or in cash. It is worth mentioning that in Istanbul, you have to pay tolls to cross some Bridges and travel between the Asian and European parts. Prices in Turkey in the field of transportation are generally average. Usually the cost of travel and public transportation in big cities like Istanbul or Ankara is more than other cities.

Cost of mobile calls in Turkey

The cost of each minute of mobile phone call in Turkey is about 1.4 lira. The mentioned tariff is official and national. But depending on your mobile operator and the SIM card you have purchased, you can use different plans and packages to reduce your costs.

Tax costs in Turkey

Tax laws in Turkey are greatly strict. Anyone with an income is required to pay tax, which this tax is deducted from the person’s account before payment. This is the case in most countries of the world, and Turkey is no exception.

There are different types of taxes in Turkey:

  • Income tax,
  • Cost tax,
  • VAT,
  • Rent tax,
  • Tax on property purchase and …

In the table below, you can see a summary of these taxes and their amount:

Type of taxThe amount set per year
Income tax15 to 40 percent, depending on income
Property taxAnnually 0.1 to 0.6 percent of property value
Rent tax23% of property rent in one year
Property purchase tax1 to 18% of the value of the property, depending on the area

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Cost of water, electricity and gas in Turkey

This part of the cost of living in Turkey includes gas, electricity, telephone and internet.  These fees must be paid monthly. You should know that in most houses, gas is supplied in special capsules from local stores, and in this respect, the price of gas in Turkey is low.

  • The price of gas capsules in Turkey is up to TRY100 (lira) per year.
  • The average monthly cost of electricity in Turkey is around TRY150 (lira), which can be greatly reduced by limiting the consumption of air conditioners.

Electricity bill in Turkey:

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, you need to register the bills in your own name. You can also go to PTT offices to pay for them, or use internet banking.

  • Calculating electricity costs are based on the number of household members and consumption patterns. For example, a student’s electricity bill is only 60 to 70 lira.
  • Electricity bills can be registered in your name only by having a passport.
  • To have an electricity bill in your name, it is necessary to have DASK insurance.

Gas bill in Turkey:

  • The gas meter is shared and the amount of the bill is divided between each unit according to the use and the number of members of each family.
  • The cost of gas for a family of four during the month is usually between 200 and 400 lira.
  • You must have a Kimlik card to transfer ownership of the bill to your own name.

Water bill in Turkey:

  • Water bill, like gas, is common and is divided between each unit.
  • Tap water in Turkey is not edible or drinkable.
  • Drinking water should be purchased from service companies in 5, 10 and 20 liters.
  • The water bill also requires a Kimlik card to name.

Internet sharing in Turkey:

  • Home internet packages in Turkey are usually for 1 or 2 years.
  • In case of cancellation before the expiration date, the provider company will deduct an amount as a penalty.

Cost of clothing in Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest producers of clothing in the Middle East. Hundreds of brands are active in the country. Therefore, it can be said that the variety of clothing in the country is really high and in any price range, you can have thousands of options and choices. It should be noted that foreign brands also have branches in the country.

Regarding the cost of clothing in Turkey, the following table can give you good information:

Type of clothingThe average cost in Turkey
An ordinary jeans540 lira
A summer shirt (from chain stores such as H&M or Zara, etc.)460 lira
A pair of Nike sneakers950 lira
A pair of formal men's shoes700 lira

The final word

The cost of living in Turkey depends on many factors. But the most important determiningfactor is your lifestyle. It’s up to you how you plan to spend your time in Turkey. If you have any questions about fees in Turkey, share them with our consultants. If you have experience in this field, we are pleased to share it with “Istanbul Hamrah” website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to live in Turkey?

The cost of living in Turkey is relatively low. In addition, the quality of life is high.

Which cities are more expensive in Turkey in terms of expenses?

The cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Izmir and Antalya usually have higher living costs than other cities in Turkey.

How much does it cost to stay in Turkey?

You can usually get a residence permit in Turkey by buying a house of any value, but if you are looking for a passport and citizenship, you have to pay $ 400,000.

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