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Commend for inexpensive property in Turkey and reasonable house prices in this country is the continuous story of our articles. Who is unaware of how profitable it can be to buy a house in Turkey? Just by looking at the statistics of property purchases in Turkey, one can well figure out that the popularity of this country is increasing every year and maybe every month. So without a doubt, there is a benefit that everyone has flocked to this lovely country.

The advantages of living in Turkey are numerous, and maybe the main one is buying an economical and inexpensive property; which of course, we will address this issue in the article. Despite the cheapness and abundance of property, there are people who, for whatever reason, such as limited budgets, look for cheaper cities in Turkey and ask where is the cheapest city in Turkey to buy a house or live?

In this article, as a home buying site of Istanbul Hamrah in Turkey, we aim to talk about inexpensive cities in Turkey and introduce the cheapest city to live and buy a house. So, stay tuned!

Advice on the cheapest city in Turkey to live in

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    Take a look at the cost of living in Turkey

    Before going to the main point and introducing the cheapest city in Turkey to buy a house, one step ahead is to look at the cost of living in this country. Or is people’s income and expenditure equal?

    Briefly, in answer to this question we must say: Yes! Fortunately, the cost of living in Turkey is cheap and people can meet both ends meet. Furthermore, the living costs are much cheaper and more economical than Europe; perhaps the quality of life in this country can be equated with Europe.

    Although there is no news of inflation, sanctions, high prices and the high cost of living in Turkey, it should be considered that the cost of living in the country also depends on your style and quality of life. Undoubtedly, cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir or Antalya, are accounted as the best cities to buy a house. Since the quality of life in these cities is greatly high, naturally it require a higher budget and cost.

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    But there is no need to worry, since we will introduce the cheapest cities in Turkey to buy a house or live, which are equal to the aforementioned cities in terms of life quality.

    To learn more about the cost of living in this country, especially the cost of medical treatment, we suggest that you see the article “Hospital costs in Turkey”.

    List of cheapest cities in Turkey to buy a house

    This section can be considered as the beginning of the most important part of the article, since in the following, you will see a complete and comprehensive list of the cheapest cities in Turkey to buy a house. The price criterion for the list below is equivalent to the price of a 100-meter house; we have mentioned the average price in the intended city, both the cheapest price and the highest price:

    List cheapest cities in Turkey

    City Average PriceCheapestMost Expensive
    Ağrı   100 thousand lira   80 thousand lira  120 thousand lira
    Muş 115 thousand lira90 thousand lira 140 thousand lira
    Bingöl 125 thousand lira  100 thousand lira150 thousand lira
    Bitlis130 thousand lira100thousand lira  160thousand lira
    Bilecik135 thousand lira 100thousand lira  170 thousand lira
    Kars 135thousand lira   100thousand lira  170 thousand lira
    Siirt 135thousand lira100thousand lira170 thousand lira
    Niğde140 thousand lira 100thousand lira170 thousand lira
    Hakkari145 thousand lira110 thousand lira180thousand lira
    Mardin 150 thousand lira110 thousand lira  190 thousand lira
    Nevşehir 150thousand lira110thousand lira 190 thousand lira
    Şanlıurfa150thousand lira 110 thousand lira190 thousand lira
    Çorum 160thousand lira120 thousand lira200 thousand lira
    Adıyaman165 thousand lira120 thousand lira 200 thousand lira
    Elazığ165 thousand lira120 thousand lira200 thousand lira
    Amasya165thousand lira120 thousand lira 200 thousand lira
    Kütahya165thousand lira  120 thousand lira210thousand lira
    Kırşehir 170thousand lira  130thousand lira 210thousand lira
    Yozgat170thousand lira130thousand lira210thousand lira
    Çankırı175thousand lira130thousand lira220thousand lira
    Giresum180thousand lira140 thousand lira220 thousand lira
    Tunceli 185 thousand lira140 thousand lira230thousand lira
    Kirklareli185thousand lira140thousand lira 230 thousand lira
    Malatya190thousand lira140thousand lira 240thousand lira
    Tokat 190thousand lira   140 thousand lira240 thousand lira
    Uşak 190thousand lira  140 thousand lira 250 thousand lira
    Aksaray190thousand  lira150 thousand lira230 thousand lira
    Bolu 195thousand lira150 thousand lira240 thousand lira
    Tekirdağ195thousand  lira 140 thousand lira250 thousand lira
    Afyon 200thousand lira160 thousand  lira  250 thousand lira
    Burdur210thousand lira160 thousand lira270 thousand lira
    Artvin220thousand lira160 thousand lira270 thousand lira
    Sakarya 215thousand lira 160 thousand lira270 thousand lira
    Van220thousand lira 160 thousand lira280 thousand lira
    Isparta225 thousand lira  170 thousand lira280 thousand lira
    Ordu225thousand lira 170thousand lira280thousand lira
    Zonnguldak240thousand lira 180 thousand lira300 thousand lira
    Erzincan 240thousand lira180 thousand lira300 thousand lira
    Rize 240thousand lira180thousand lira300housand lira
    Kocaeli240thousand lira 180thousand lira300thousand lira
    Balikesir245 thousand lira185thousand lira305thousand lira
    Sinop245thousand lira180thousand lira310housand lira
    Çanakkale250thousand lira 190 thousand lira 310 thousand lira
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    Whether you want to rent or buy a house in Turkey, you need to know about the criteria of property pricing in this country. In the previous section, we talked about the cheapest city in Turkey to buy a house and introduced all cities with proper price. But in this section, we want to argue about the property price criteria in Turkey. First of all, you should be informed that the real estate system in Turkey is really systematic, and several laws control the price of property in the country. In general, various issues can be involved in determining the price of a property, including:Criteria of property purchase price in Turkey

    • Geographical location of the property or neighborhood
    • Year of construction and date of the property
    • Access to urban transportation facilities
    • Type of property, including villas, apartments, residences, etc.

    According to these criteria, as we have stated, cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir and Ankara are usually among the most expensive cities in Turkey, and conversely, the list mentioned in the previous section is one of the cheapest cities to live in Turkey.

    At the end of this section, it is recommended to state that Istanbul, due to its commercial and economic position in Turkey, is also the best city to register a company in Turkey and start a business.

    Registering a company in Turkey requires opening an account in one of the country’s banks. For more information, we suggest to read the article “Opening an Account in Turkey”.

    The cheapest city in Turkey to study

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    As in the previous section we mentioned the cheapest city to buy property in Turkey, now, we introduce the city of Erzurum as an economic destination for students. Ataturk University is also located in this city, which is one of the top universities in Turkey.

    Moreover, if you are still looking for a cheaper city to study in Turkey, we introduce “Eskişehir”. Two of the best Turkish universities, Anatolian University and Qazi Osman Pasha University, are both located in the city.

    Not only the cost of buying and renting a house is low in this city, but also the large student population has lead to the abundance of dormitories and boarding houses in this city.

    And most of all, the overhead costs of food and shopping are much more economical. For example, the phone price in Turkey as a necessary tool for students is relatively cheap in this city.

    Now that we discuss about university, education and student life, it is proposed to see the article “The best universities in Turkey”! In this article, you will get acquainted with the best universities in Turkey.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the cheapest cities in Turkey to buy property?

    Cities such as Ağrı, Müş, Bingöl, Bitlis, Bilçek, Kars and Siirt, etc. are among the cheapest cities in Turkey.

    What is the cheapest city in Turkey to study?

    Eskişehir and Erzurum have been introduced as two cheap cities for students to live and study in Turkey.

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