Getting acquainted with the best shopping centers and malls in Turkey

Turkey is a country which possesses rich history and culture as well as its nature, beaches and forests, and of course visiting its cities and shopping malls is enjoying, too!

The topic of the article in “Istanbul Hamrah” is not only to review the points related to the advantages and disadvantages of buying property in Turkey, but also to introduce the tourist destinations of the country.

It is obvious that shopping centers and malls are one of the most attractive places in any city, and the pleasure of walking and shopping in these malls is not corresponding anything else, especially the best shopping malls in Turkey.

As a home buying site in Turkey, this time in the article we want to introduce the best malls, passages and the best shopping centers in Turkey. We will travel city to city and province to province together and get acquainted with the best shopping centers in each city. In addition, we will investigate these centers in different categories; so stay with us …

Turkey and its unique shopping malls

Everyone may agree that, if Turkey is not known for its history, culture and nature, at least it is known for its luxury shopping malls and unique properties. We have heard the story of traveling to Turkey for bringing clothes into their country for sell; therefore, even because of tourist stay in Turkey, many people travel to the country only to buy clothes!

Turkey is a country with a free and open economy; moreover, we all know how advanced it is in the clothing industry and is known for its famous clothing brands. Not only Turkish brands, but also most of the world famous brands, such as Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, etc. have official branches in the country.

Where to go shopping in Istanbul? To answer this question, we decided to introduce the best shopping malls in Turkey, so that the next time you travel to the country, you could visit the best malls without wasting time. In the following, you will get acquainted with the shopping centers of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Samsun.

Now that we are talking about living in Turkey and buying a property, its advantages and disadvantages, we suggest you refer to the article “Apartment prices in Istanbul 2024” and find out the amount of budget needed to buy a house in the country!

Getting acquainted with the best shopping malls in Istanbul

Istanbul may be considered the cultural, artistic and economic capital of Turkey; moreover, the best shopping malls in Turkey are all located in Istanbul and the city is really diverse in this regard. Shopping in Istanbul is more enjoyable than in any other city. Shopping malls in Istanbul are for all walks of life, no matter the amount of your budget, there will be hundreds of choices for you in the city. In the following, in several different categories, we will review some of the most famous shopping malls in Istanbul.

It is worth mentioning that the Asian and European shopping centers of Istanbul are as follows:

  • Asian Shopping Malls of Istanbul

Capitol Shopping center                                  Palladium Shopping center

Emmar Square Shopping center                       Viaport Shopping center

Optimum Outlet Shopping center                    Kozzy Shopping center

Tepe Nautilus Shopping center                        Akasya mall

  • European shopping malls in Istanbul

Atakoy Galleria shopping center                  Profilo Shopping Center

Istanbul Cevahir shopping center                 Marmara Forum shopping center

Kanyon shopping center                              City’s Nisantasi shopping center

İstinyePark shopping center                        Akmerkez shopping center

Mall of Istanbul

Inexpensive and economical Shopping Malls in Istanbul (H3)

As we said, there are shopping centers in Istanbul for every class and any budget. Among the best shopping centers in Istanbul, which are also economical and inexpensive, we can mention the following ones:

Chain shopping malls of Outlet (H4)

It is one of the best shopping malls in Istanbul and has opened several chains in different parts of the city. These shopping malls can be considered as economic malls in Turkey; since they are not so luxurious compared to other centers. These centers are always discounted, and in most cases, you can get the goods you need at a really reasonable price. Of course, it would be better to say that the quality of goods in these centers is no different from other ones. The most famous and popular branches of Istanbul Outlet Shopping Center are as follows:

شاید به این مطلب هم علاقمند باشید  Types of houses in Turkey

Outlet Asya Park: In the Umraniye district

Airport Outlet: In the Bakirkoy district

Kale Outlet Center: In the Gungoren district

Outlet Viaport: In the Pendik, Yenişehir district

Deepo Outlet Center: In the Ikiteli, Atatürk blvd

Fax City Outlet: In the Pınartepe, Buyukcekmece district

Optimum Outlet: In the Kadıköy district

Star City Outlet: In the Yenibosna district

Outlet city center: In the Esenyurt district

Premium Outlet: In the İskender Paşa district

Olivium Outlet Center: In the Zeytinburnu district

Venezia Shopping Center (H4)

In the previous section, we introduced the outlet shopping centers in Istanbul, but it had better to discuss about the “Venezia ”  branch a little deeper among all the outlet branches! It is probably one of the cheapest shopping malls in Istanbul, because not only is the price of the goods really reasonable and cheap, but it is also a kind of tourist attraction. You may have figured out what the story is about, but let us explain more.

As its name suggests, Venezia Istanbul Shopping Mall is Venice in the heart of Turkey! The unique design of this shopping center is exactly inspired the dream city of Venice. It will not only allow you to enjoy shopping, but also be a reminder of the beauty of Venice; even with boating, the experience would be closer to reality.

Aksaray Shopping Center 

The Aksaray Underground Market, located in the Fatih district, is another cheap shopping mall in Istanbul. In general, the Fatih district and the Aksaray neighborhood are full of shops and small shopping malls, and it is really suitable for experiencing an economical but qualified shopping. Aksaray Istanbul Shopping Mall is underground, but relatively large; about 120 stores are located there and its main items are bags, shoes and clothes.

The shopping center is located near the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmad) and the Hagia Sophia. If you are looking for bulk clothing purchases, we would definitely recommend the area; because it will offer you the best price. It is worth mentioning that in the area, in addition to the famous shops and shopping centers, there are also a significant number of banks and exchange offices.

Speaking about banks and exchange offices, the procedures of opening an account in the country is also be questionable. To this end, we suggest reading the article “Opening a bank account in Turkey”.

Luxury Shopping Malls in Istanbul (H3)

After introducing the economic shopping centers of Istanbul, now it is time to look at the expensive shopping malls in Istanbul. As we said, in Turkey, some of the famous brands have branches, and actually, most of them are located in Istanbul. The most luxurious shopping malls in Istanbul are, in fact, the location of these brands.

In general, it had better to know that Istanbul’s luxury shopping malls are mostly located in the European part; they are a kind of intersection of Eastern and Western cultures. Many of us may not have enough budget to buy from these luxury malls; but who is not interested in walking the passage or windows shopping?

In the following, you will know some of the best luxury shopping centers in Istanbul:

İstinye Park shopping center 

This shopping center is located in Sarıyer district. Undoubtedly, hearing the name of the area, you spontaneously realize how luxurious and expensive the mall is.

Istinye Park Shopping Center is a hangout for artists, singers and all Turkish celebrities. The most famous brands in the world, including Dior, Armani, Chanel, Zara and even many of Turkey’s own luxury brands, are located in the shopping center. Although this famous shopping center in Istanbul is expensive, at the end of the season, you can buy stuffs at great discounts.

One of the interesting features of the shopping center is its large aquarium, which houses more than 10 different species of aquatic animals. In addition, there are several restaurants and, of course, a theater in the center.

City’s Nisantasi shopping center           

It is one of the shopping centers of Istanbul which is located near Taksim Square. Just like the previous case, it is in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods of the center of Istanbul that some of the top European and global brands have branches in it. Even with brands such as Louis Vuitton and Cartier, City’s Nisantasi shopping Mall can be considered more luxurious than the previous one!

شاید به این مطلب هم علاقمند باشید  Getting acquainted with Pendik district of Istanbul

As we said, the shopping center is near Taksim Square; if you have settled near Taksim Square or İstiklâl Street, you can easily reach the center in less than 10 minutes. It is worth noting that Nişantaşi district, especially City’s shopping center, include large number of shops for offering textbooks in Turkish and English, and can be a good destination for tourists and students.

Another issue to consider: Now that we are talking about textbooks and Turkish language, we suggest that you see other sections of our website as well. The free Turkish language course can be useful for you as a tourist or student.

Istanbul Cevahir Shopping Center

One of the largest shopping malls in the world is Istanbul Cevahir Shopping Mall. It is the largest shopping center in Europe (if Turkey can be considered a member of Europe!), and is also the sixth shopping center in the world. The location of Cevahir Shopping center in Sişli district has made it one of the luxury shopping centers of Istanbul. The shopping center includes 10 floors and accommodates many world famous brands such as Adidas, Benton, Reebok, etc. Moreover, it is an ideal destination not only for clothing, but also for home appliances and, in short, whatever you think.

Mall of Istanbul 

The other shopping center which is also one of the most popular and visited centers, and it can be considered as a medium to luxury shopping mall. All the world and top Turkish brands can be found in the center. It is one of the largest shopping centers in Istanbul with absolutely large area. Besides, you can not only buy clothes, bags and shoes, but also the sanitary products, accessories and even home appliances you need. Adults as well as children will enjoy being at the Mall of Istanbul, since it has a unique amusement park. Not only the amusement park, but also the restaurants and food court of this complex is one of the most important factors in attracting tourists.

Zorlu Center of Istanbul

Another first-class shopping center in Istanbul is Zorlu Center. Besides, it is probably the best shopping center in Beşiktaş, Istanbul. In the center, all kinds of Turkish luxury brands are located and even global brands have branches in it. Those who are interested in fashion and this colorful world, should not miss visiting the center in any way.  Not only are famous designers in the Besiktas district, but also Istanbul’s largest art exhibition is located right in the center.

Turkey may be considered the cradle of the clothing industry in the Middle East. Many famous fashion designers, brands and manufacturers are in Turkey and Istanbul. Thus, the area can be considered as one of the best areas of enterprise. We suggest reading the article “The Best Business in Turkey” for more information on the subject.

Best Shopping Malls in Ankara

After introducing the best shopping malls in Istanbul, now it’s time to take a look at the shopping malls of other cities as well. In this part, we discuss about the city of Ankara; the capital of Turkey. It is the second tourist destination for stay in Turkey. In the following, we will take a look at the best shopping malls in Ankara:

Ardama Shopping Center

The shopping center is not only suitable for shopping and enjoying the passage, but it can also be a commercial destination for your business. It can be considered as one of the luxury shopping malls in Turkey, because just like the best malls in Istanbul, some of the best global brands are also active in it.

Kent Park Shopping Mall

Kent Park is one of the best shopping malls in Ankara and whatever you think can be found there. Whether you are looking for bags, shoes, clothes and accessories, or you are seeking for home appliances, digital appliances, entertainment and cinema, you can choose the center as your destination.

شاید به این مطلب هم علاقمند باشید  Getting acquainted with uskudar district of Istanbul

Tunalı Hilmi Boulevard 

This may not be a shopping mall, but it’s nothing short of it. Hilmi Street can be considered the Champs Elysees of Ankara; because the street is full of all kinds of luxury boutiques and shops. Therefore, it is clear that the area is slightly more expensive than other regions and the shopping center of Ankara.

ANKAmall Ankara Shopping Mall

It is also one of the most popular shopping malls in Ankara and has a greatly large area and more than 330 stores. In addition to clothing and accessories stores, it also has a food court, café, restaurant, cinema and playground for children.

Galleria Shopping Mall

One of the oldest shopping malls in Ankara is the Galleria Mall. Since it was opened in 1995, the mall has always been one of the city’s most popular and visited shopping malls.
In the center, you can meet any need, from clothes to jewelry, everything will be found in the Galleria shopping center.

It is interesting to know that Ankara has been introduced as the best destination to buy an inexpensive car in Turkey. For more information on buying a car, see the article “Car Prices in Turkey”.

Introducing the best shopping malls in Antalya

Although Ankara is one of the best cities to live in, Antalya is usually known as the most popular tourist destination in the country after Istanbul. Most people, and even many Turks, travel to this city to spend their holidays; therefore, the shopping mall market in the city is always hot and booming. In the following, we get acquainted with the best shopping centers in Antalya:

 Terra City shopping mall

When you travel to Antalya and of course you are looking for famous, luxury and expensive brands, we suggest that you do not miss this shopping center at all.

Many global brands first open a branch in Istanbul and then move to Antalya; since they are well aware of the importance of tourism of the region. Not only global brands, but also many Turkish brands have branches in the mall.

The shopping center consist of 180 commercial units and on the top floor there is a full-fledged food court. In short, it provides all the facilities needed to spend a memorable day.

Mark Antalya shopping center

Another shopping center for who wears brands! Mark Antalya is also the location of branches of some of the best global, European and Turkish brands, and just like the rest of the aforementioned items in the list, it attracts numerous tourists every year. If you are planning to visit Antalya, we suggest you not missing the shopping center any way.

 Antalya ÖzdilekPark shopping center

Another popular shopping mall in Antalya is Ozdilek Park. The complex can also be considered as one of the most expensive shopping centers in Turkey. Because like the previous cases, it is the place of the best and most popular brands. In addition to shopping, its leisure and amenities such as food court and amusement park are also popular among tourists.

Deepo Outlet shopping center in Antalya

Remember the outlet chain shopping malls in Istanbul? Now one of the best shopping malls in Antalya also belongs to this collection. This center, just like the centers of Istanbul, is a destination for cheap and economical shopping, and can keep a large number of travelers satisfied and joyful!


  1. In which cities are the best shopping malls in Turkey located?

The best shopping malls in Turkey are first in Istanbul, then in Ankara and third in Antalya.

  1. What are the cheap shopping malls in Istanbul?

Outlet Chain Shopping Mall is one of the cheapest malls in Istanbul. After that, Aksaray Shopping Center and Istanbul Grand Bazaar can be mentioned.

  1. What are the luxury shopping malls of Istanbul?

Among the most luxurious shopping malls in Istanbul are Cevahir, Zorlu Mall, Istinye and City’s Nisantasi.

  1. What are the best shopping malls in Ankara?

Hilmi Boulevard, Galleria, Ankamal, and Kent Park are some of the best shopping malls in Ankara.

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