All about Beykoz district of Istanbul and house prices in 2024

محله بیکوز استانبول

Istanbul is much bigger and vast than you think. Once Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, and it is now the cultural and

historical capital of Turkey. Actually, many consider Istanbul the best city to buy property in Turkey.

In the last one or two years, the purchase of property in the city has become really popular and the number of immigrants living in the Istanbul is increasing day by day, so why you not be one of these people?!

But as we said, the city is really large and buying property can be a challenge in every sense. Especially if you do not have enough information about the 39 neighborhoods of Istanbul (ilche), it is very likely that you waste your capital and time.

Therefore, in this article in “Istanbul Hamrah” as a site of buying property in Istanbul, we provide you the necessary information. Today, it’s time to get acquainted with the Beykoz district, so stay tuned for the rest of the article.

Buying property in Beykoz district of Istanbul

First of all, we have to answer the question why the purchase of property in the Istanbul has been so popular?

Istanbul is the cultural and historical capital, and also the best of all Turkish cities. The quality of life in the city is greatly high, and it is equal to living in European cities.

Buying a property in Turkey, and especially in this city, can provide you a residency in the country and be the beginning of a new life.

The Beykoz of Istanbul is one of the best districts in this vast city. In other words, it is the best of all the best districts of istanbul.

Even many people of the city believe that one of the best places to live and reside is the Beykoz district.

Anyone looking for getting residency in Turkey is undoubtedly looking for peace and enhancing quality of life. Thus, the district present everything you would desire from a new life.

Advice on the Beykoz district of Istanbul

The "Istanbul Hamrah" team is with you to buy property, obtain Turkish residency and citizenship, register a company and represent the top Turkish brands.

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    Geographical location of Beykoz district

    It is located in the northernmost Asian part of Istanbul. The neighborhood, which is originally one of the city (ilche) of Istanbul, is limited to the Bosphorus Strait from the west, with the ilche of “Şile” in the east, with the ilche of “Chakmeh Koi” in the southeast, and with the ilches of “Umraniye” and “Üsküdar” in the south.

    The area of ​​Beykoz district of Istanbul is about 66,240 square kilometers and its population is about 250 thousand people.

    Geographical location of Beykoz Istanbul

    Ilche or the city of Beykoz has 45 separate neighborhoods (Mahallesi), which you can see the name of each in the following list:

    Akbaba Mahallesi

    ·          Baklaci Mahallesi

    ·         Anadolu Hisari Mahallesi

    ·          Bozhane Mahallesi

    ·         Alibahadir Mahallesi

    ·         Anadolufeneri Mahallesi

    ·         Acarlar Mahallesi

    ·         Anadolu KavaĞi Mahallesi

    Neighborhoods of the Bikoz area


    Beykoz district, from the past to the present

    One of the oldest neighborhoods in Istanbul is Beykoz. The district has been inhabited since ancient times, even before the Ottoman Empire.

    Beykoz is composed of the two words “Beyk” meaning prince, and “Koz” meaning village, and it can be well understood that the area was once a place of recreation and hunting ground for Ottoman sultans and princes.

    Today, although it is no longer such used, the same old features can still be seen throughout the neighborhood.

    Beykoz neighborhoods of Istanbul

    Unique properties of Beykoz

    The Beykoz district of Istanbul is one of the greenest areas in the vast city. The green space of this ilche is much larger than other ilches in Istanbul, and its nature has remained more pristine and untouched.

    As in the past the neighborhood was known as the summer residence of the Ottoman sultans, today it is also considered as summer resort of the people of Istanbul;

    If you visit the Beykoz neighborhood in the summer, you will see what crowds have flocked to enjoy the green space of the area.

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    Urban of Beykoz neighborhoods

    In addition to nature, another unique feature of the Beykoz district is the structure. In general, we have always been reminded that the Asian part of Istanbul has a more traditional structure and the heart of Turkish society and culture can be seen more clearly in the region. Beykoz district confirms this claim.

    One of the features of Beykoz district is that it has both a traditional urban and luxurious and modern neighborhoods.

    Beykoz district of Istanbul

    Access to the Beykoz district

    The only weakness that can be mentioned for the Beykoz district of Istanbul is the issue of access to this area and its public transportation system.

    Most areas in Istanbul are connected by metro and tram, or at least can be reached by shipping ports.

    Although the area has a very long coastline, but it cannot be reached by taxi and sea bus. Besides, there is no subway and trams. The area is located between the second and third bridges of the Bosphorus and the only way to reach the Beykoz area is by taxi, bus, dolmus or private car.

    Amenities of Beykoz district of Istanbul

    These facilities are often referred to as schools, universities, or hospitals and clinics. Fortunately, the Beykoz district is highly rich in this regard and some of the best and most equipped medical centers in Istanbul are located in the area.

    There are also a number of top Turkish colleges and universities in the area.

    The hospitals and treatment centers of Beykoz district are as follows:

    •  Beykoz State Hospital
    • Beykoz Medical Center (Private)
    • Medistate Kavacık Hospital (Private)
    • Special Otağtepe Medical center
    •  Beykoz Oral and Dental Health Center

    It is interesting to know that some of the most luxurious shopping malls in Turkey are located in the Beykoz neighborhood:

    •  Watergarden AVM
    •  Mall of Istanbul
    •  Capitol shopping center
    •  Mavizadeh Shopping Center
    •  Boğaziçi Plaza shopping center

    The colleges and top schools in the Beykoz district are also listed below:

    •  Tabiat college (private)
    • Ted College (private)
    •  Bilfen College (private)
    •  Movefekiat School (private)

    As we said, some of the best universities in Turkey are located in the region.

    The two universities located in the Beykoz district are as follows:

    •  Beykoz University
    • Turkish-German University

    Living in the Beykoz district

    Following the article so far, no doubt you are serious about buying a house in Turkey, getting a residency and finally getting a Turkish passport.

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    Now that you have taken the first step in the direction, it is now our turn to provide sufficient information about the purchase or rental price of a property in the Beykoz district.

    As we have said, the composition of the district in Beykoz ilche is really different and includes a wide range of traditional and old neighborhoods, and modern and contemporary ones. Popular neighborhoods in the area for buying property include GÜMÜŞSUYU, Riva, Merkez, Anatolian Castle or Canlica.

    An important point to consider is that the Beykoz district of Istanbul mostly includes a villa and a town, with an average area of ​​about 250 meters per villa. Therefore, the area is one of the most expensive and luxurious areas of Istanbul that you need a large budget to buy a property there.

    House prices in Beykoz

    As a good conclusion of the article, it should mention for you, dear readers, the price of a house and the price of renting a property in the area. As we have said, the Beykoz district is one of the most expensive areas in Istanbul to buy property:

    Average house purchase price in Beykoz Istanbul:

    It is about 10500 lira per square meter. (For a 100-meter house, you should have a budget of about 1 million and 50 thousand liras.)

    • Average rental price in Beykoz Istanbul:

    It is about 4000 to 5000 lira per month. (It also increases by about 30% annually.)

    Ready-to-sell project in the Bikoz area


    In which part of Istanbul is the Beykoz district located?

    It is located in the northernmost Asian part of Istanbul. The neighborhood is limited to the Bosphorus Strait from the west, with the ilche of “Şile” in the east, with the ilche of “Chakmeh Koi” in the southeast, and with the ilches of “Umraniye” and “Üsküdar” in the south.

    What are the unique features of the Beykoz district of Istanbul?

    The area is really green and has a pristine nature. In addition, most of its areas include villas, and the urban of its neighborhoods is a combination of traditional and modern structure.

    What are the public transportations and how to access the Beykoz district?

    The area does not have access to subways, trams or taxis and buses. The only access to the area is through the second and third Bosphorus bridges and through Dolmus, buses and taxis.

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