Complete and comprehensive introduction of Avcilar district of Istanbul

محله آوجیلار استانبول

Avcilar is one of the most popular districts in Istanbul, which is located next to the Küçükçekmece Lake and attracts not only Turkish people but also many immigrants from the surrounding countries every year. We can mention numerous strengths for the features of this region that added to the popularity and fame of the district.

In the article in “Istanbul Hamrah”, we, as a property purchase experts in Turkey, plan to discuss about the Avcilar district of Istanbul and review the features of the district in detail. From its geographical location, to its history, features, and amenities and of course the price of the property, we will investigate all of them one by one in the article. So join us!

Geographical location of Avcilar district

Avcilar district is located in the western and European part of Istanbul. It is bordered on the south by the Sea of ​​Marmara, and on the north by the neighborhood of Basaksehir. It is bordered on the east by the neighborhood of Küçükçekmece, and on the west by the Esenyurt district of Istanbul. As we mentioned in the introduction, the lake of Küçükçekmece is also located in the eastern part of the district.

The area of Avcilar district is about 40 square kilometers and its population in the last census was about 400 thousand people. The district has a population density of about 10,000 people per square kilometer, indicating that it is somewhat crowded, but not too much crowded as the central neighborhoods of Istanbul. The district is about 16 km from Ataturk Airport and 31 km from the center of Istanbul.

Avcular district of Istanbul location

The Avcilar district of Istanbul is known as one of the ilces or the cities of Istanbul and consists of 10 neighborhoods:

  1. Yeşilkent 
  2. Cihangir
  3. Tahtakale
  4. Mustafa Kemalpaşa.
  5. Denizköşkler
  6. Gümüşpala
  7. Ambarlı
  8. Merkez
  9. Firuzköy
  10. Üniversite
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History of Avcilar district of Istanbul

According to many immigrants, Istanbul is the best city to buy property in Turkey. Each corner of the city has its own history and background, and Avcilar district is no exception. The district has always played a strategic role due to its geographical location. And it is said that Sultan Muhammad, the Conqueror, passed through the roads of the present-day neighborhood to conquer Istanbul. Moreover, even earlier, due to the closeness of the district to the center of Istanbul, the Ottoman sultans preferred that the Turks live in the neighborhood more than the Greeks and Romans, so that they could assist them when necessary.

The Avcilar district of Istanbul has historically been home to hunters, and this tradition continued throughout the Ottoman Empire. During this period, due to the holding of hunting competitions and the fact that the area became the sanctuary of the sultans, the district called “Avjilar” meant “hunters” and since then the same name has remained on it. Until 1980, it was a rural area, but since then, it has received little attention, much growth and development, and today, it has become one of the most modern areas in Istanbul.

Features of Avcilar district of Istanbul

 To live in Turkey, as we mentioned earlier, knowing the features of each region and neighborhood is a basic principle. Regarding the features of the Avilar district of Istanbul, we can recommend many points and strengths.

As the first and most important feature of Avcilar district, we must say that the largest port in Turkey is located right in the south of the district. So if you are intending to start a business and, more importantly, looking to start importing and exporting in Turkey, living in the region can be a great option for you.

The second important feature of the Avcilar district of Istanbul is the existence of a number of faculties of Istanbul University (Engineering, Business Management, Sports and Veterinary Medicine). As you know, one of the top universities in Turkey and even in the world is Istanbul University, and if you are planning to reside in Turkey as a student, you can live in the area. Because it is really rich in terms of security and facilities, it has a proper property price. And in terms of security, young and dynamic population, it can satisfy you.

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Facilities of Avcilar district of Istanbul

To buy a house in Istanbul, you need to pay close attention to the amenities of each neighborhood. Because this issue is not only really effective in determining the price of the property, but also when selling or renting the property. Fortunately, the Avcilar district is greatly satisfactory in this regard, and many immigrants choose the area to live for this reason.
One of the most important amenities of Avicilar district is access to it, and its public transportation system. Two of Istanbul’s communication highways, the TEMA and EBESH highways, pass through the same area. In addition, for commuting in the city, you can use the bus system or metro bus.

 The beauties of Avcilar

In addition, Avcilar district is highly rich in terms of health services and treatment centers. There are 4 private hospitals, 10 public health centers, 6 specialized clinics, will meet your need for medical services in the best possible way. Finally, some of Turkey’s most luxurious shopping malls, including Pelican Mall and a number of AVM shopping mall branches, are located in the area.

Buying and renting a property in the Avcilar district of Istanbul

Istanbul Hamrah, as a property buying site in Turkey, always tries to provide accurate information about buying or renting property in different neighborhoods of Istanbul. Therefore, in this section, we intend to talk about the purchase and rent price of a property in Avcilar district. The Avcilar district of Istanbul is one of the average property price districts of Istanbul; That is, it has a lower price than the central areas of Istanbul, but naturally it has a higher price than the remote areas. Its average property price has made it one of Istanbul’s economic zones for immigrants.

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The purchase price of the property in Avcilar district, in 2024, is as follows:

The name of the neighborhoodPrice

(Per square meter)
Total price (100 meters house)
Tahtakale10.300 lira1,500,000 lira
Yeşilkent 10,000 lira1,490,000 lira
Firuzköy6300 lira800,000 lira
Denizköşkler5600 lira710,000 lira
Merkez5800 lira690,000 lira
Üniversite5300 lira578,000 lira
Ambarlı4600 lira570,000 lira
Gümüşpala4900 lira520,000 lira
Cihangir4500 lira450,000 lira
Mustafa Kemalpaşa3800 lira400,000 lira
Average price

(In the whole region)
9450 lira1,160,000 lira

The rental price of the property in Avcilar district in 2024 is as follows:

The name of the neighborhoodMonthly rental price

(100-meters House)
Tahtakale4700 lira
Yeşilkent 5000 lira
Firuzköy2400 lira
Denizköşkler3300 lira
Merkez2800 lira
Üniversite2900 lira
Ambarlı3000 lira
Gümüşpala2600 lira
Cihangir2500 lira
Mustafa Kemalpaşa2300 lira
Average price

(In the whole region)
4500 lira

requently Asked Questions

Where is the Avcilar district of Istanbul located?

It is located in European part of Istanbul and is adjacent to neighborhoods such as Esenyurt, Basaksehir and Küçükçekmece.

What are the features of the Avcilar district of Istanbul?

The most important feature of the region is the location of the largest port in Turkey and some of the faculties of Istanbul University.

What is the average purchase price of a property in Avcilar, Istanbul?

The average purchase price of a property in the area is about 9,500 lira per meter and the rental price is about 4,500 lira.

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