Whatever you need to know about Sari‌yer district of Istanbul

محله ساری یر استانبول

Sari yer is one of the best districts in Istanbul. It is one of the noblest areas in the vast city, and by looking at the price of houses in the area, we can find the truth of this claim. Once the area was a village for impoverished fishermen, and it is now a hub for the wealthy people in Istanbul. Actually in recent years, immigrants have been interested in buying a house in Istanbul, particularly in sariyer district.

In the article in “Istanbul Hamrah”, we intend to introduce the big and beautiful neighborhood of Sar‌iyer. First we mention the geographical location of the district. Then, we discuss about its history and features, and finally we talk about the price of a house in the district. So stay with us until the end of the article!

Advice on Sari Yer Istanbul neighborhood

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    Where is the Sariyer district of Istanbul?

    As you know, the best city to buy property in Turkey is Istanbul that we have repeated the issue many times. Therefore, getting acquianted with the neighborhoods and different areas of this vast city can make the process of buying a property easier.

    Geographical location of Sari neighborhood

    Sariyer district of Istanbul is located in the northernmost European point of Istanbul. It is bounded on the Bosphorus Strait on the east and on the west by the neighborhood of Ayub Sultan. It is bordered on the north by the Black Sea (Karadeniz) and on the south by the “Şişli neighborhood” and the “Beşiktaş neighborhood”. It is interesting to know that the Sariyer district of Istanbul, due to the geographical divisions of this city, is considered a kind of city and in Turkish, it is called “ilche”.

    The Sariyer district of Istanbul itself has several neighborhoods, which are as follows:

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    Ayazağa Kazım Karabekir Paşa
    Zekeriyaköy               Kireçburnu
    Reşitpaşa Poligon
    Tarabya Istinye
    Ptt Evleri Rumelifeneri
    Fatih Sultan Mehmet-
    Kocataş  Sariyer Merkez 
    Emirgan دربند
    Uskumruköy  Garipçe
    Huzur Kısırkaya

    History of Sariyer district

    As mentioned in the introduction, Sariyer district was once a small neighborhood, and it was considered a poor fishing village. But gradually the fate of this neighborhood changed and it became the summer residence of the rich in the Ottoman capital. During the Ottoman Empire, the area was the hunting ground of kings, and later in the 18th and 19th centuries, the coast was filled with large villas and colorful mansions, inhabited by wealthy merchants.

    Since then, Sariyer district has received a lot of attention and its popularity has increased day by day. Many embassies built their summer residences in the area due to the mild climate. With the construction of the coastal road in contemporary era, the attention to the region increased a lot, and the price of property in it also increased sharply. It became a district for the rich, businessmen, politicians and celebrities of Turkey.

    Features of Sariyer district

    It is necessary to know that living in Turkey requires a correct and accurate knowledge of its regions. This is especially important if you are planning to live in Istanbul. In this section, we discuss about the most important features of the Sariyer region.

    Features of Sari Yar neighborhood

    Let’s review the features of Sariyer district, neighborhood by neighborhood:

    • Emirgan Neighborhood: One of the best and unique neighborhoods to buy a villa in Sariyer district.
    • Reşitpaşa neighborhood: it is a combination of modern and commercial areas, and of course some part of it is dedicated to deprived areas.
    • Istinye neighborhood: one of the most modern shopping malls in Turkey is located in the area. It has unique beach villas.
    • YeniKoy: Another luxury area of Sariyer district, where many forest villas are located.
    • Tarabya: One of the oldest neighborhoods in the Sariyer district, which is now one of the classiest neighborhoods in the region. And a part of Marmara University is located there.
    • Büyükdere: it is one of the quiet areas of Sariyer and in recent years, the construction of luxury residential towers has increased.
    • Bahçeköy: it has been highly regarded since 1990 and is considered one of reasonable neighborhoods in Sariyer for living.
    • Zekeriyaköy: it may be considered the most expensive area in the whole of Istanbul, and the villa of many Turkish celebrities is located in the area.
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    Amenities of Sariyer district of Istanbul

    Undoubtedly, to buy a property or rent an apartment in the Sariyer district of Istanbul, you need to be well aware of its amenities. The most important principle in buying a property in Turkey is to pay attention to the amenities of that region, because the value of your property will be directly related to the amenities of the region.

    Fortunately, the Sariyer district of Istanbul is not inferior in terms of amenities and entertainment, and in this respect, it is one of the richest areas in the whole of Istanbul. From the public transportation system to the recreation centers, everything has made Sariyer district one of Istanbul’s top destinations. In the following, we will review some of these amenities.

    Welfare facilities of Sari neighborhood

    Initially, you should know that some of the best universities in Turkey are located in the Sariyer district of Istanbul, which can be mentioned as follows:

    Beykent University

    Koc University

    Işık University

    Boğaziçi University

    Teknik University

    In the next step, another issue that is highly important is the existence of health centers, and fortunately some of the best medical centers in Turkey are located in the Sariyer district:

    Acibadem hospital

    İsmail Akgün hospital

    Metin sabanci hospital

    Istinye hospital

    Finally, among the recreation and tourism centers of the Sariyer district of Istanbul, the following can be mentioned:

    Belgrade Forest

    Emirgan Park

    Ataturk arboretum Garden

    Sakip sabanci museum

    Sadberk Hanım Museum

    Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum

    Elgiz Museum

    Maslak Kasri )palace(

    İstinye Park

    Vadi Istanbul shopping mall and etc.

    Purchase price of property in Sariyer district

    By buying a house in Sariyer district of Istanbul, you can easily get a residency in Turkey in the shortest time. So without a doubt, this section can be considered the main point of the article! The Sariyer region has attracted a lot of immigrants in recent years. It is even more popular among the Turks themselves, and everyone aspires to have a villa in the neighborhood.

    The statistics we have obtained indicate that the value of the property in the Sariyer district of Istanbul has increased by about 263% in the last four years! The average price of a 100-meter house in Sariyer district was around 5 million lira last month, and forecasts show that this price will increase in the coming months. This means that by buying a house in the area, you can get a Turkish passport with the least difficulty.

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    In the table below, you can see the average house prices in the most important neighborhoods of Sariyer:

    The name of the neighborhoodAverage cost price
    Baltalimanı21 million and 200 thousand liras
    Bahçeköy12 million and 700 thousand lira
    YeniKoy11 million and 500 thousand lira
    Demirciköy8 million lira
    Uskumruköy5 million and 500 thousand lira
    Reşitpaşa5 million 300 thousand lira
    Zekeriyaköy4 million and 600 thousand lira
    Rumelifeneri3 million and 800 thousand lira
    Ayazağa3 million and 500 thousand lira
    Average price per square meter30 thousand lira per meter

    The rental price of an apartment in Sariyer district is as follows:

    price of an apartment in Sariyer district

    The name of the neighborhoodAverage rental price
    Baltalimanı6300 lira per month
    Bahçeköy2700 lira per month
    YeniKoy7300 lira per month
    Demirciköy24 thousand and 500 lira per month
    Uskumruköy20 thousand and 500 lira per month
    Reşitpaşa4200 lira
    Zekeriyaköy13 thousand and 500 lira
    Rumelifeneri12 thousand 800 lira per month
    Ayazağa9500 lira per month
    Average rental price in the whole area15 thousand and 800 lira per month

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In which part of Istanbul is the Sariyer district located?

    It is located in the northernmost European point of Istanbul and it is adjacent to Beşiktaş and sişli neighborhoods.

    What is the average property price in Sariyer district?

    It is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Istanbul. The average property price in the area is about 30,000 lira per square meter.

    What are the recreational areas of the Sariyer district of Istanbul?

    Belgrade Forest, Emirgan Park, Sadberk Hanım Museum, Ataturk arboretum Garden, Maslak Kasri )palace(, vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall and Istinye Park are all located in the area.

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