Types of houses in Turkey

In the article in “Istanbul Hamrah” we intend to take a look at the Types of houses in Turkey. Turkey is a combination of tradition and modernity, so there is a wide range of houses that may confuse the Buyer of a house in Turkey.

In the article, we discuss about the types of houses in Turkey, the benefits and facilities of each type, and their average prices. Stay with us.

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    Types of houses in Turkey in general

    • Typical apartment
    • Ordinary Sites
    • Residence sites
    • Detached houses and villas

    Typical apartment

    This type of housing is well known in Turkey, and as their name suggests they are the same as ordinary apartments in the city and usually the number of floors does not exceed 4 or 5.

    These apartments can be found anywhere in the city and of course can be found at any price. However, the price and condition of the ground floor or the so-called “Girish kat” is better than the other floors.

    This type of housing is one of the most popular types among its Turkish citizens and may not be really popular among immigrants. These types of apartments do not have green space or amenities. Besides, they lack central ventilation and security.

    Such apartments are available in both the old and the new urban of the city. Of course, it should be noted that the monthly charge is less than all types of housing which is about 30 to 150 lira.

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    Ordinary Sites

    Ordinary sites often have more amenities than apartments, and they are more popular among immigrants. In fact, a site is a collection of several apartments and residential towers that are located in an area of ​​several thousand meters or sometimes hectares. In addition, the area is protected by a central guard, and in this respect, it is perhaps one of the safest types of housing in Turkey.

    Prices of Ordinary Sites

    The quality of construction and the price of the sites vary in the cities of Turkey. Depending on the location or the constructing materials and amenities used, the price of the sites will vary. Ordinary sites, however, are more expensive than typical apartments.

    The sites may have a central heating system, or use a package just like an apartment. It is said that the average lifespan of sites is 20 years. As we have said, Site is another type of housing in Turkey that its price is somewhat higher, the monthly charge varies about 200 – 300 lira depending on the facilities.

    Residential sites

    Residential sites are one of the most affordable and modern types of housing in Turkey. The construction of residences has become really popular in Turkey in recent years which has usually attracted the attention of immigrants more than any other type.

    Facilities of residential sites

    There are all kinds of facilities you think in the residences; including swimming pools, saunas and gyms, some restaurants and playgrounds.

    Residences usually have green space. In addition to the central guard, usually each tower or each block of residence has a separate guard. Most residences have a central antenna and, of course, a central ventilation system.

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    Prices of residential sites

    Despite the mentioned facilities, the monthly charge and definitely the purchase price of the sites is much higher than other types of housing in Turkey. It should be noted that in order to buy cheaper, you can select suites and units without bedrooms in the residences.

    Detached houses and villas

    This kind of housing is in fact the most expensive type of houses in Turkey, so it is undoubtedly ideal for investing in Turkey.

    There are two types of villas

    • Villas located in Sites.
    • Villas that are built independently.

    Villas located in Sites are more secure and are greatly suitable for immigrants or those who do not live permanently in Turkey.

    Villa prices in Turkey

    You can find both new and old villas, but actually, the price of old and historic villas is undoubtedly really high. There may be swimming pools, saunas, playgrounds and even Turkish baths in private villas, which have a significant impact on the price. It is better to know that the cost of charging this type of housing is also high and about 1500 lira per month.

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